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Good Place

It gets off at Miehashieki station getting on Naha monorail from Naha Airport.
From Miebashieki station to an international street(Kokusai-dori) (3 minutes on foot)
Little Asia Guest House arrives when it advances for five minutes walking to the interior on Heiwa-dori street.

When you use the ship and the bus

It moves according to Kokusai-Dori street.
It arrives at Little Asia Guest House when advancing on Heiwa-Dori street on foot for about five minutes.
LittleAsia Guest House is a convenient location to sightseeing and shopping.

The shower booth

The shower booth can be used for 24 hours..
body soap & shampoo & rinse Free.

Free Wi-Fi Availiable

All wireless LAN can be used in the pavilion.

Okinawa Guest House Price List

Person who searches for cheap hotel to Okinawa Naha.
LittleAsia Guest House is near Kokusai-dori,TsuboyaPottery area,Shurijo-koen. LittleAsia Guest House is a convenient location to sightseeing and shopping.
original Japanese style hostel.
  Phone Number: +81-98-862-3446 (9:00 - 23:00)

Rooftop Bar Exists

LittleAsia Guest House is possible to become it happily in rooftop BAR of fully 100 yen and Supper 280 yen a person.
I will offer a comfortable staying in Okinawa cheap.

Rooftop where Naha City can be commanded while feeling wind of nature.

The morning sun rises from Shurijo.

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〒902-0065 OKINAWA NAHA City Tuboya 1-7-1 Marukuni Market 2F
Tel: +81-98-862-3446 Please feel free to ask us !!
( am 9:00 - pm 22:00 )
Email: info@yasuyado.com
Invoice Number : T3810286710680

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